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    » News for 6th March 2020

» Duck, Duck, Lugra!
Posted by IcePets Day 139, Year 10 (6th Mar 20)
@ 10:15:08 IST

Shoebill PlushieLugra Soap

A few of our shopkeeps were hard at work, crafting some unique User Requests! The adorable Shoebill Plushie, funded by @POURRITURE for @petshopgirl, will begin stocking in the Plushie Mania, which Samuel painstakingly crafted to achieve the perfect pattern. While this was going on, our resident Grooming Parlor owner found some Lugra Soap, funded by @IcePrincess, packed in with others from the set! Stop by the Grooming Parlor to pick up your own today!

Golden Ducky Dessert

Some of Terrafrost's finest pastry chefs created the Golden Ducky Dessert at the request of @Silvy and Chocolate Lover can't wait to try it! This new dessert will stock at Sugar Rush, so keep an eye out for this delectable new treat.

The Golden Ducky Dessert will now be rewarded by the Space Quest and will be requested in the Candy Quest in a week's time, while the Shoebill Plushie will now be rewarded by the Book Quest and will be requested by the Plushie Quest in one week.


If you feel a spark of inspiration, you can fund an Item of your own at the Request Page!

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