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Posted by IcePets Day 91, Year 10 (18th Jan 20)
@ 08:43:32 IST

Confetti 1

Blue or YellowBook of Shadows

Ralph received quite a surprise when opening his newest shipment. It seems a few of the book's stories changed! Ralph was quick to write up a list, telling his customers that Blue or Yellow and Book of Shadows have brand new content to read! See if you can pick up a copy at Books or visit the Library if you already own them!

Ducky Foldout Book

Not to be left behind, Ducky Ducky Foldout has also received updated art and content! You can still find this at the Golden Touch.

X-Ray DuckySkeletal Ducky

After much deliberation from Samuel, he decided the current Skeletal Ducky will be renamed to X-Ray Ducky. Also, a brand new Skeletal Ducky, funded by @Silvy, will stock on the shelves of the Toy Shop! Head on over and grab one for yourself! The new Skeletal Ducky will now be rewarded by the Plushie Quest and will be requested by the Space Quest in one week.

If you cannot see the new images, a hard refresh using Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5 should fix it.

Confetti 2

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