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» Get Your Colour On!
Posted by mochihugs Day 26, Year 10 (14th Nov 19)
@ 14:09:14 IST

Now that all the Pets of Terrafrost have gotten some fresh coats of paint, we want to see you try your hand at creating some brand new looks! If you've had some colorful concepts you've been itching to share, now is your chance! In celebration of our Pets receiving an overhaul of their Basic Colours, it's time for a Pet Colouring Contest!

If you head over to the Contests Page, you can find the base lineart for four different pets that you can choose from, ready for you to give it your own unique touch. Take any one of these Pets and show us the IcePets colour that you've always wanted to see!

The contest rules are as follows:

Rule 1 - One entry per user.
Rule 2 - Work must be entirely your own.
Rule 3 - Entries must remain anonymous before and during voting; you should not show anyone else your entry during the contest.
Rule 4 - Art must be PG-13.
Rule 5 - The base Pet must be recognisable in the end. You can edit it through your own interpretation, but the image should not have so much added to it or removed that we cannot recognise the original.

The contest will have three winners, who will receive the following prizes:

1st Place
- 250,000 IcePoints
- Rainbow Snow Jar
- A Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Snow Jar
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- Gold Competitor Trophy

2nd Place
- 200,000 IcePoints
- A randomly chosen Rainbow Pet Morphing Potion
- A Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Snow Jar
- Silver Competitor Trophy

3rd Place
- 175,000 IcePoints
- A randomly chosen Rainbow Pet Morphing Potion
- A Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Snow Jar
- Bronze Competitor Trophy

If you're unsure whether something is suitable, please submit a Support Ticket and we'll be sure to help you out.

Send your colorful creations to mochihugs when they are complete!
You will have until November 27th 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) to submit your artwork.

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