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» Let's Relax, It's Not That Grave
Posted by IcePets Day 9, Year 10 (28th Oct 19)
@ 14:14:04 IST

Alebrije DuckyCatrina DuckySleeping Baby Lugra Plushie

The next time you take a bath, perhaps you would like to include the Alebrije Ducky and Catrina Ducky for extra fun! If you're feeling tired after a warm soak and would like some extra cuddles while you nap, the Sleeping Baby Lugra Plushie may be just what you need! These colourful new additions have been funded by @Silvy and @IcePrincess, respectively.

The Duckies can be found restocking in the Toy Shop, while the Plushie's found a comfy nook in Plushie Mania. Both Duckies will now by rewarded by the Plushie Quest and will be requested by the Space Quest in one week, while the Sleeping Baby Lugra Plushie will now be rewarded by the Book Quest and will be requested by the Plushie Quest in one week.


Monster Makeup KitMonster Bits StampMonster Cotton Candy

The ground is grumbling and groaning from the restless dead. There's increasing activity as Halloween approaches! To try to keep up, Grave Digger rounds have started opening more frequently at every 15 minutes instead of 30. Try to keep up with all those wandering spirits, before they make off with the prizes! The increased intervals will be staying until Grave Digger closes the end of the month.


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