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Posted by IcePets Day 286, Year 9 (1st Aug 19)
@ 11:33:11 IST


The votes have been tallied, and it's time to announce the winners of Member of the Month (MOTM for short)! For this month's Yet to Win MOTM, everyone congratulate...


Thank you for making IcePets a better place! Here are our favourite things about AlaraRose:

- AlaraRose is a very helpful and active member. She has helped recently with the avatar solution thread and even managed to get four avatars in one day! Wow!
- They may seem quiet around the forums but they always up for helping trade collection items and helping other members out.


Next up, the winner of the Free for All MOTM, please congratulate...


Thank you for your continuing contributions to our community! Here are our favourite things about JaniceRuth:

- I would like to nominate JaniceRuth. I don't really know/talk to them, but I see them on the forums often. They keep the collectors quest thing up to date and whatnot, and seem very active during events.
- JaniceRuth is a familiar name. You will see her around every day on IcePets. Her love for the site is obvious and her collections are gorgeous. She is the type of person and member you hope to be like one day.


Both of these fantastic members will receive 100,000 IcePoints and either the exclusive Member of the Month Avatar, or, if they already have it, the Honoured Member Trophy.

Member of the Month Avatar
Honoured Member Trophy


While member votes were tallying for MOTM, Staff votes tallied for SOTM, and this month's winner is...


To acknowledge their contributions to the team, we've created the following Item in their honour!



BopaBank Vault Ice CubeElegant Pocket Watch Stamp

As we move into August, new Items can be found in the I.C.E Shop for the duration of the month! Head on over to pick up your own Bopa and Bank Vault Ice Cube, along with the returning Elegant Pocket Watch Stamp. Each of these is priced at 500 IceCash (or 450 IceCash for Gold Account Members)!

Ralph PlushieFancy Cubed Gelatin

A few of our resident shopkeepers have also added new Items to their stock! You can find the new Ralph Plushie stocking in the Plushie Mania and the new Fancy Cubed Gelatin in the Food Mall. The Ralph Plushie is also now rewarded by the Book Quest, while the Fancy Cubed Gelatin is rewarded by the Candy Quest. These will be requested by the Plushie Quest and Space Quest, respectively, in one week.

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