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Posted by IcePets Day 269, Year 9 (15th Jul 19)
@ 00:21:22 IST

Balloon DartsParty Ori Morphing PotionCarving Knife

Our resident Quest givers really appreciate all the extra help this week! They hope everyone liked the extra rewards they are giving out. However, our wonderful sugar addict and their friend Neil are passing the buck to another good friend. The Warrior Trido will be running the featured Quest of the week!

His Quests will now be awarding the following extras for the duration of this week:
1. 20 attempts per day instead of the usual 10.
2. More IcePoints awarded for completing the Quest.
3. Several rare Items added temporarily to the reward pool.
4. Two new Items added permanently to the reward pool.

Good luck to everyone who helps the Warrior Trido out!

Weaponized MilkshakeWeapon Quest Request ListHoquire

Additionally, we want to make an announcement regarding some Quest changes we intend to roll out one week from today on July 21st through July 22nd. All Quests will experience some adjustments to their request and reward lists. Quest pool prizes and rewards are being reworked to hopefully be more productive and helpful towards Users and the economy.

Also, all Snowman Parts will be moved into the Quest shop to promote better progression to the Snowman Quest.

We will be open to feedback after the changes are made to help with improving the changes over time. Hopefully this will assist in making Questing a more rewarding experience for more Users!

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