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Posted by IcePets Day 103, Year 9 (30th Jan 19)
@ 16:31:06 IST

We have -- count 'em -- five new User-requested Hidden Avatars today!

First up is the Peace and Love to You All Hidden Avatar to give you the warm-fuzzies, funded by @Kirsty.

Peace and Love to You All

We also have a set of squishy fluffy Plushie-related Hidden Avatars funded by @IcePrincess. In order, you can see Plush-O-Matic, Plushie Fan, Plushie Connoisseur, and Twinsies!

Plush-O-MaticPlushie Fan

Plushie ConnoisseurTwinsies

Good luck puzzling these all out. That ought to keep you busy for a while! In the meantime, you can add one more thing to your Plushie hoard -- the Plushie Ducky funded by @Silvy! Don't let it fool you, because it's actually a Toy, not a Plushie, so it will be stocking in the Toy Store and requested by the Space Quest one week from now! You can also find it as a reward from the Book Quest.

Plushie Ducky

User-funded Hidden Avatar requests are temporarily closed, but you can still fund Items and Pet Colours! Check out the Support Site to see the options.

Item Requester Trophy

In other news, we have posted a new poll in the voting booth regarding changing the name of Firebreathing -- we would love to have your vote!

Oh, and it looks like some more crystals have showed up somewhere... never mind those, it's probably not important.

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