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» Land Ho!
Posted by Quil Day 39, Year 9 (27th Nov 18)
@ 00:13:02 IST

Pirate Novyn

All hands on deck! Thar be land ahead, mates! And there ain't been no islands charted here before -- this'll be big news back home, bet yer bonnets.

Oy, there's a ship docked already. An old ship. Maybe... a hun'red years old? That ain't no ghost ship, it's the real deal! All them sightings... sailors been seein' the real ship, comin' and goin' off this island the whole time. Well shiver me timbers. And what on Terrafrost...

Blue Lugra

An unfamiliar sea-plant-slug-type creature approaches down a small, frightfully old and decrepit dock as Salt-Eye, Splinter Jack, and the rest of the crew start tossing down ropes and planks. The newcomer eyes you suspiciously while others like her hang back, watching. "This is Sea Breeze Island," she says. "Why did you come here?"

Cap'n Salt-Eye salutes. "We been trackin' a ghost ship down south 'ere. I reckon it's that girl tied up right there!" He points to the other ship at the dock. "'Ow'd she wind up here?"

"You're like the others, then. Explorers?" She waves the others to come help secure your ship. "A crew like yours landed here a hundred years ago, yes. They joined our colony and lived with us. You can meet some of their descendants back in town, if you'd like."

"If'n you don't mind my asking," Salt-Eye says, "what exactly are you?"

She laughs, a sound like sea shells clinking in beach grass. "I'm a Lugra. I guess we do keep to ourselves, so I shouldn't be surprised you haven't seen one of us before. You know, a few of the younger Lugrae are simply dying to cross the ocean and see the world -- maybe your arrival is just what we need."

Lugra Discovery Participant Trophy

Discovery AvatarPirate Snow Jar

Your hard work helped the crew arrive safely and securely, so everyone who chipped in will be awarded the Lugra Discovery Participant Trophy for their profile, the new Discovery Hidden Avatar, a Pirate Snow Jar, and one random basic Lugra Morphing Potion.

Blue Lugra Morphing PotionGreen Lugra Morphing PotionRed Lugra Morphing PotionYellow Lugra Morphing Potion

Lugra Morphing Potions will now be permanently stocking in the Snow Jar Igloo in fourteen basic colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Cottoncandy, Green, Grey, Ice, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Snowdrift, White, and Yellow. Like the others of its kind, the Bluegreen potion will be in the Referral Shop.

To go with this exciting new Pet, you can now find its associated Lugra Default Avatar in the avatar options, as well as the Lugra Stamp in the Post Office, and Pink Lugra Ice Cube in the Frozen Collectives Emporium!

Lugra Avatar

Lugra StampPink Lugra Ice Cube

We hope you had fun, and we can't wait to see some Lugrae join your IcePet families!

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