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    » News for 11th September 2018

» Funding Frenzy!
Posted by Read Day 327, Year 8 (11th Sep 18)
@ 14:45:13 IST

It's time for a big batch of User-requested Items, of all shapes and sizes!

Golden Raspberry Love Cupcake

To join the other two recent Love Cupcakes, @Mongolou has also funded the gorgeous Golden Raspberry Love Cupcake. Like its brethren, this cupcake can be found at Sugar Rush and will be requested by the Candy Quest.

Super Monkey Action FigureCovert Terrafrost Hero Action FigureFrosty Terrafrost Hero Action Figure

@IcePrincess requested a set of six new Items, starting with a series of commemorative action figures, the Super Monkey Action Figure, the Covert Terrafrost Hero Action Figure, and the Frosty Terrafrost Hero Action Figure. These go-getters will be available from Samuel's Toy Store and requested by the Space Quest.

Net SecuritySpicy Loaded NachosImperial Ice Cube

Also funded by IcePrincess, allow us to introduce the all-important Net Security, the scrumptiously sizzly Spicy Loaded Nachos and the high and mighty Imperial Ice Cube. Respectively, these can be found from the Book Store, Food Mall, and Frozen Collectives Emporium; they will be requested by the Book Quest, Space Quest, and Snowman Quest.

Yellow Ducky Ice CubeBlue Ducky Ice CubeGreen Ducky Ice Cube
Grey Ducky Ice CubeLight Blue Ducky Ice CubeOrange Ducky Ice Cube
Pink Ducky Ice CubePurple Ducky Ice CubeRed Ducky Ice Cube

Speaking of Ice Cubes, @Silvy funded a whole new set of Ducky Ice Cubes, obtainable through the Ice Box. These colourful cubes come in nine varieties: Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Red. With the exception of the Red Ducky Ice Cube, they will be requested by the Snowman Quest.

Item Requester TrophyItem Bundle Requester Trophy

If you're interested in having your very own Item ideas come to life, you can check out the options on our Requests Page!

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» Ninth Stretch Goal Hit!
Posted by IcePrincess Day 327, Year 8 (11th Sep 18)
@ 09:28:22 IST

confettiQuest Extenderconfetti

Another day, another stretch goal achieved. Congratulations to all the Questers, your hard work is really showing! As a reward for hitting this stretch goal, a new Dreamy Profile Skin has been added to the Quest Store.

Dreamy Profile Theme

If you don't have enough Quest Points, you're in luck! Five of these will be awarded randomly to users in each tier at the end of the contest.

Dreamy Profile Skin

Keep pushing, because another Stretch Goal is now available. Visit the Goals & Prizes page for more information.

We're nearing the last stretch of the contest, you have until September 17th 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) to complete as many Quests as you can. Remember, there's a minimum requirement of Quests completed in order to be eligible for prizes.

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