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» Join Our Discord!
Posted by Judda Day 299, Year 8 (14th Aug 18)
@ 13:16:45 IST

Discord Icon

We would like to invite everyone to join our official IcePets Discord Server!

To join, click on our Invitation Link here or click on the Discord icon at the bottom of any IcePets page.

Terrafrost Plushie

What is Discord?
Discord is a free text and voice communication software that will allow our community to come together and converse in a handful of different topic-specific channels. This is a wonderful tool for instant communication, especially for any events which may be coming in the near future.

Discord is free to use, secure, and will work on almost any device. There is a web client, a downloadable client, and an app available for most operating systems. You can read more information about Discord by going to their official website.

Staff Staff

How do I join and start chatting?
To keep our Discord server safe for everyone, you must link your Discord account to your IcePets account before you can communicate in the server.

Upon joining our server, our icepets-bot will tell you how to verify your Discord. You can also find our steps here:

-After joining, send !verify as a private message to our icepets-bot. You can find this bot on the user sidebar under the bot role.
-The bot will send you a link to IcePets where you can copy your verification code.
-Copy this verification code, then paste it back to the icepets-bot. Your code will look similar to !verify X0X0X0X0-X0X0-X0X0-X0X0X0X0X0.
-The bot will then link your Discord account to your IcePets account and rename you to your IcePets Username in our server.
-That's it! You're now free to chat with us.

Ban Hammer

We expect everyone who joins our Discord server to follow our on-site Terms and Conditions as well as our Discord guidelines, which you can find in the #guidelines channel. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in you being permanently banned from participating in our Discord server.

Discord is not the place to discuss glitches or attempt to discuss IcePets issues with the IcePets Staff. We expect these matters to be submitted on-site via the Site Glitches Forum section, the Ideas & Suggestions Forum section, or through Support Tickets.

Meteora Gift Box

For the next week, anyone who joins our Discord and verifies their account will receive a random special Item on-site!

In the future we may do special giveaways and events on our server, so come join the fun. We hope to see you there!

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