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    » News for 4th August 2018

» Cool Cube Collectibles
Posted by Judda Day 289, Year 8 (4th Aug 18)
@ 08:20:45 IST

Literary Ice CubeStained Glass Ice CubeCrushed Ice CubeCompanion Ice Cube

The Frozen Collectives Emporium is now stocking four cool new Ice Cubes for your collections. Keep an eye out for the Literary Ice Cube, Stained Glass Ice Cube, Crushed Ice Cube, and Companion Ice Cube! All four will now be requested by the Snowman Quest.

Mini Sugar Skulls

You can also find the festive new Mini Sugar Skulls at Sugar Rush, which will be requested by the Candy Quest.

Item Bundle Requester Trophy

These Items were funded by @Megrim! If you've always dreamed of seeing a specific something-something in your collection, you, too, can fund its creation over on our Support Page!

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