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» Prizes, Cubes, and Staff!
Posted by Nexinhah Day 254, Year 8 (30th Jun 18)
@ 15:04:40 IST

Snow Team Audril TrophyBronze Team Trido TrophySilver Team Sharshel TrophyGold Team Dovu Trophy

Sqwenda has just finished polishing (and building) the Team Contest trophies -- they have been awarded to all participants who qualified for prizes. You can now show off your effort on your profile!

Team Contest Winner Avatar

The members of the winning team can also show off the shiny Team Contest Winner Hidden Avatar! This will be awarded to the winning teams of future Team Contests as well.

Cubed ori

In unrelated news -- turn your feathery companion into the adorably blocky, squarishly cuddly Cubed Ori, by using a Cubed Snow Jar obtainable from the I.C.E Shop. This Pet was funded by @Cowpro.

Staff Staff

Although you may have seen her around already, we are pleased to announce that @Flannel is officially joining the IcePets Staff team as a Moderator. Welcome! As usual, to keep up with Staff changes, visit the Staff page.

Editor Scrapbook

On that note, IcePets is hiring 2 Editors and 1 Moderator! If you think you have what it takes, apply via our Support Site.

Members of the Yellow Sharshel and Red Dovu Teams, please message Nexinhah with your Item choices by the end of July. If you fail to do so, you will not receive your prize.

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