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» Chocolate Delivery
Posted by Nexinhah Day 118, Year 8 (14th Feb 18)
@ 17:53:29 IST

Evil Chocolate Box
Mrrrphhgh mmphghr...

Sorry, my mouth was full of chocolate. I hope you have plenty, too, because that day has come around again -- Valentine's Day!

My lovely new friend flew these chocolates down to me. Allow me to introduce my valentine, the most stunning fellow this side of Snowslide, the heart-melting Love Dovu!

Love Dovu

They're such a sweetheart, they would be happy to be your valentine, too! You can find them at-- ack! Who's this who stole my chocolates?! Get that Trido!

Evil Trido

Can you believe the nerve of them? Stealing my delicious delicacies! What an Evil Trido. Jealousy is a horrible thing.

Love Dovu Morphing PotionEvil Trido Morphing Potion

It looks like they've both available from the Snow Jar Igloo. The dearest Love Dovu can be yours with a Love Dovu Morphing Potion. Or, I suppose you could use the Evil Trido Morphing Potion to plot ways to ruin Valentine's Day with an Evil Trido.

Both of these Morphing Potions have been seen at the I.C.E. Shop, too. You can pick these up for 500 IceCash each (450 IceCash for Gold Account members), if you so desire! Go get'em!

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