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    » News for 30th January 2018

» Pixel Custom Avatars!
Posted by Judda Day 103, Year 8 (30th Jan 18)
@ 18:46:42 IST

We're adjusting the way Custom Avatars can be requested. From now on, there will be a new option in the form of an I.C.E. Shop Item, the new Pixel Custom Avatar! This will be stocking for 2,800 IceCash alongside its older counterpart, the regular Custom Avatar, which is getting a small visual update, but will stay priced at 1,400 IceCash.

Why the difference? Pixel art takes considerably more time and effort to create, so we're making a distinction when it comes time to request your avatar. You'll no doubt recognize the hand-drawn pixel artwork from some of the existing Hidden Avatars and Custom Avatars:

If you have a Custom Avatar in your possession, have no fear! It can still be used to create gorgeous Avatars based on existing artwork. In case you're unsure of the difference, you may recognize some of these examples from existing Hidden Avatars and Custom Avatars:

An easy way to remember the difference is that Pixel Custom Avatars require an artist to design new artwork, while Custom Avatars will now be based on existing images. Don't worry, though! If your dream Avatar involves pixel art and you already bought one, two Custom Avatars can be used to create one Pixel Custom Avatar.

+ =

Additionally, Pixel Custom Avatars are available to be funded! If you'd like to support the site and get a snazzy personalized Avatar, you can request one of these for $10 over on the Requests Page.

And while we're talking about Avatars, what better opportunity to introduce the lovely Custom Avatar Requests we've had lately!

@skipena, @Fearless, @mochihugs, @Chien_chien

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Speaking of Avatars, the Hidden Avatars Book Worm, now called Bookworm, and Swirls have received a face lift! Aren't they gorgeous?

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