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InspectorLestrade the
Ice Cobron

Owner: shrlockhlmes

Timberline the
Blue Novyn

Owner: princewinter

Souler the
Red Ridix

Owner: SoulerClash

Talytil Lakes

Fishing Pool Companion Sanctuary Gilbert's Lucky Lures Trivia Plot Store Scratchcards Plushie Quest Library Image Archive

Location Guide
Fishing Pool
Become a master angler, and help keep the Talytil Lakes clean in the process!
Companion Sanctuary
Too many Companions? Serene will take them off your hands!
Gilbert's Lucky Lures
Take your angling even further with Gilbert's help!
Tackle Trivvy's latest piece of Trivia aboard her tricky houseboat.
Plot Store
Purchase Morphing Potions and other plot-based items using your hard earned Plot Points!
Try your luck at winning a fortune with Ace's Scratchcards!
Plushie Quest
Help keep the Toy Trunk stocked by providing Samuel with Plushies!
Reread your favourite books at the Library!
Image Archive
Visit the Historian and browse through old IcePets artwork.

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