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Woomy the
Orange Dabu

Owner: jirachi100

Raffle Store

This store is where you can buy items using your raffle tickets!

Raffle NPC: "I'll trade raffle tickets for prizes."

You have 0 Raffle Credits (RC) available to spend

Items that are stocking in Raffle Store

Ticket Slushie
5 RC

Ticket Tiramisu
7 RC

I Heart Ticket Hat
15 RC

Raffle Ticket Plush
20 RC

Raffle Ticket Stamp
25 RC

Raffle Guy Visor
40 RC

Marshmallows and Stars
40 RC

Raffle NPC Plush
60 RC

Ticket Lasso
75 RC

Glowing Ice Cube
75 RC

Raffle Winners Parchment
80 RC

Moon Pie
80 RC

Raffle NPC Stamp
99 RC

Raffle Ticket Ice Cube
99 RC

Meteorite Ice Cube
99 RC

Space Star Ice Cube
99 RC

All About Raffles
120 RC

Rave Dabu Figurine
150 RC

Dance Floor Stamp
175 RC

Rave Petit Fours
190 RC

Raffle Coin
200 RC

Radical Rave Scratchcard
200 RC

Discounted Ticket
250 RC

Rave Dabu Morphing Potion
350 RC

Rave Ridix Morphing Potion
350 RC

Rave Wulfer Morphing Potion
350 RC

Rave Krittle Morphing Potion
350 RC

Rave Traptur Morphing Potion
350 RC

Rave Dovu Morphing Potion
350 RC

VIP Raffle Ticket
400 RC

Raffle Avatar
500 RC

Rave Snow Jar
500 RC

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