Newest Created Pets

Emrah the
Green Ori

Owner: emrah

Terris the
Purple Dabu

Owner: Madgoat

Lorentz the
Blue Ori

Owner: quez

Judda Judda June 19 Owner
Hey look over there!
Read Read April 25 Administrator
Head Artist
Hey, I'm Read! I'm a fan of carrots and cute things. I do a lot of stuff around IcePets so if you have a question about anything I can answer it. If you have any concerns, please send me a message.
Nexinhah Nexinhah April 4 Staff Organizer
Head Moderator
Hello! I'm Inês and here's my life story: when I signed up I saw Makoats and how unwanted they were. At that moment, my life goals changed. I now have 33 of them.
psyqualia psyqualia May 10 Staff Manager
Hi!! I'm Boon. I like biology, itty bitty microogranisms, and playing card games. If you ever need help, shoot me a message. Gotta go fast.
Shibe Shibe August 7 Pet Artist
I do art and it's pretty great. I'm so super.
Quil Quil November 30 Pet Artist
Item Artist
Hey, I’m Quil! I love making cool art and playing awesome games! I also love meeting new people, so please feel free to send a message if you ever want to chat!
Remlyn Remlyn April 6 Item Artist
Hi! I'm Remlyn, I'm a 73 year old girl, my hair is brown, though, sometimes it looks blue, or maybe purple, I don't know anymore, it's so confusing! I draw in my spare time, and in my not spare time. PS: Dabus will rule the world!!!
Keekoi Keekoi June 29 Item Artist
Alou! Im Keekoi and I loOoOove drawing. It even became my profession! I can't live without my coffee, cat, or some good music. Feel free to message any time. :>
LollyX LollyX February 24 Graphic Artist
Sup! I'm quite quirky; your standard oddball. I have natural elf ears and go by the name Pixie. I love design and live in Photoshop! o3o
Kenpachi Kenpachi June 28 Editor
Hello, I'm Kiki, a security guard who enjoys gaming, watching anime, and creative writing. I'm shy, but like to be helpful when I can. ^^
sarsaprilly sarsaprilly March 17 Editor
Hey ya! My name is Jessie and I am the resident turnip overlord. I love all animals (mostly cats) and I'm always happy to chat about anything.
Skeleton Skeleton July 16 Editor
My name is Kenny, or you can call me Skeleton if you'd prefer! I'm a gamer, a bird lover, a roleplayer, and I have a skeleton living inside of me.
Tom Tom April 20 Programmer
Aloha, I help eradicate bugs and work on programming tasks in an undisclosed nature reserve deep inside the jungles of Terrafrost. I'm also a full-time student who enjoys tennis, cooking, and reading science fiction books.

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