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Zeiss Xaric

The winner is Team Ancient with 104,772 points, and Team Mythical followed up with 100,724 points. Congratulations!

As the final Archaic Heart is delivered to the Ancients, a ray of cyan light casts over Glacia. Zeiss, sitting atop the Ancient Anomaly statue, rises to their hind paws and beams with pride. “Listen to me, Terrafrostians!” they cry out, their voice booming. “Today is the beginning of a new and beautiful era -- for the Ancient Pets have been proven worthy of our immense power!”

They gaze down upon Xaric, who glares up at them with annoyance. “With our victory sealed, the Mythicals have no choice but to honor us!” Zeiss cackles.

“I suppose I have no choice but to accept my defeat.” Xaric sighs. “Congratulations, Zeiss -- and to all of the hard-working Ancients and other Terrafrostians.”

“That's correct! Accept your defeat!” Zeiss cackles.

But their joy is short-lived, and their expression soon falls. As Zeiss gazes upon Xaric, the old Dabu couldn't help but miss the friendship they'd shared before the alliance had split. Was a possibly-accidental tail-stepping really worth all of this conflict? Or losing a friend, even?

“Now that I think of it…” Zeiss begins, “what is a victory worth if I can't celebrate it with a friend? The Ancients may have won this battle, but the Mythicals have more value than anyone could ever know. I would like to share this victory with my dear friend Xaric.”

Xaric's expression brightens. “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course!” Zeiss exclaims, and leaps into a tight embrace.

Xaric giggles. “There's the Zeiss I've missed so much!”

“Victory is nice, but I've missed your companionship.” Zeiss sighs. “And I forgive you for stepping on my tail!” Zeiss adds, and Xaric rolls her eyes.

It's safe to say that this Amourok will be ending on a happy note. With Ancient and Mythical pets side-by-side, both Pet Colours will surely be receiving the love and recognition they deserve!

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