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Evil Wulfer Love Ori

The winner is Team Evil with 86,520 points, and Team Love followed up with 62,318 points. Congratulations!

"I won't let them win again!" a voice cries from overhead. "I'm stopping those Evil Pets once and for all!"

The Love Ori, Elliot, lands atop the Dragon Statue. In his talons, he's carrying a huge contraption, full of whirling gears and gleaming with red Pure Heart power. One end looks like a long cannon, which he points towards the sky. "This is the last straw! Three defeats in a row? I won't take it. I just need one more Full Pure Heart to fully power the Ultra Love-o-Tron, and we can steal the victory from Team Evil! I'll spread the joy of Love to all Terrafrost!"

"Here!" comes a shout from the ground. A Love Dovu flies up, holding one last Full Pure Heart, and offers it to Elliot. He sets it into the last empty slot on the Ultra Love-o-Tron, and then there's a flash that knocks them on their tail feathers.

The cannon shudders and jerks in Elliot's grip, crackling with pink electricity. "Here we go!" he shouts as he flips a switch. A brilliant pink-red beam shoots up into the clouds. The sky begins to darken as the fluffy white clouds take on the same hue, and the first few drops of pink rain fall onto the streets.

"There will be no more Evil!" Elliot shouts triumphantly. "There will be no Prankster, no Firebreathing, no Pirate!" He spins around, shooting at as many clouds as he can. "No Skeletal, no Storm, no Halloween! Nothing that could scare or upset any Pet. There will only be Love!"

The rain is picking up. As the drops hit Pets on the Glacia streets, they begin to transform. One by one, they lose their colours and turn into Love Pets. Shouts of surprise and dismay filled the air. Sylvia, the Evil Wulfer, bounds up to the base of the statue. "Elliot! Look around you! This is crazy! We won fair and square." A drop hits her face, and she morphs into a Love Wulfer. "Oh, no! This isn't me. Look, your sworn enemy, a Love Wulfer?!"

"Don't you like it better?" Elliot asked. "Don't you feel happier? Evil is bad, Love is good! Now the Festival of Love can never be ruined by your pranks and mischief again!"

Nearby, a Toon Xephyr transforms, and cries, "That Toon Morphing Potion was a gift from my best friend!" Not far from her, a Space Sharshel loses his colour and groans, "It took me so long to save up for that Space Snow Jar!" Sylvia turns pleadingly back to Elliot. "How is this good? My team may look Evil, but we were just having fun. You actually are hurting people by taking away their colours. Love stops being special when you force it on everyone."

Elliot frowns at her, but looks around at the Glacia streets below him. Love Pets everywhere, but with frowns and sobs and angry shouts. When he speaks, he sounds less sure of himself. "But... Evil keeps ruining our Festival."

"If you think that, then you missed the whole point. Does it really matter who wins?"

He looks down at his feet. Everything Sylvia says sounds so strange, coming from a Love Wulfer instead of an Evil Wulfer.

"Stop this and let's call a truce. Love and Evil help define each other -- we're equal. Does that sound all right to you?"

Slowly, Elliot lowers the Ultra Love-o-Tron. The beam fizzles out, but the pink rain is still coming down in sheets. "I don't know how to reverse it."

"I know. Restore the balance!" Sylvia says. She turns to some of the Pets who used to be Evil. "Get the Corrupted Hearts!" They scurry off, and soon, Love pets join in as well, running between the Glacia shops. They bring every unused Full Corrupted Heart they can find, and one by one, Elliot flies down to grab them and set them into the depleted sockets of his Ultra Love-o-Tron. Sylvia grins. "See? You do need our Evil antics after all."

When the last Corrupted Heart is in place, the cannon whirs to life, and once again Elliot aims it at the sky. This time, a dark purple beam shoots out, and when it hits the clouds, there's a fizzling and crackling as the Pure and Corrupted powers collide. The rain turns purple for a moment, and then it clears back to regular water. The colours evaporate out of the clouds as the Love and Evil particles cancel each other out. A ray of sunlight breaks through, and Sylvia looks up to Elliot atop the Dragon Statue. She sticks out a paw. "Truce?"

Elliot gives a shy nod. He flutters down and takes her paw. Sunlight warms the wet streets as Pets get up and shake the water from their fur, turning back to their normal colours. Sylvia and Elliot walk off together, whispering among themselves. It looks as though the Love vs Evil event has come to an end... For now.

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