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Mars Juniper

The winner is Team Phantasmoire with 112,938 points, and Team Aurestal followed up with 105,512 points. Congratulations!

The results are in: Team Phantasmoire has won! From here on out, Phantasmoire shall be a year-round celebration!

"Ugh, yuck!" Mars gags, throwing the apple aside. As much as she loves all things gross and creepy, rotten fruit is simply too far!

"Oh no!" Juniper gasps, hurrying up to Mars with a mug in her hands. "Here, try this! It'll wash that nasty taste out of your mouth."

Mars reluctantly takes a sip from the mug. Her eyes widen with delight. "That's amazing! What in Terrafrost did you give me?"

"Oh, just some peppermint hot cocoa," Juniper says bashfully. "Are you a fan of it?"

"It's... amazing!" Mars exclaims.

"I agree," Juniper says with a nod. "But with Aurestal going on the back burner, this stuff will be hard to come by pretty soon..."

Mars lets out a sigh. While Aurestal would never be her favourite holiday, she's begun to understand why people find it so delightful. Perhaps it doesn't have to go away altogether, right...?

"Alright, you know what?" Mars begins. "Let's make a truce. Phantasmoire doesn't have to be year-round... but in exchange, let's keep Aurestal to December from now on, alright?"

"I suppose that's a fair deal," Juniper giggles.

And with that, the two embrace, and all is well in Terrafrost once more!

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