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    » News for 27th November 2023

» I.C.E Antiques!
Posted by IcePets Day 39, Year 14 (27th Nov 23)
@ 17:01:06 IST

Storm Cobron

"Hello there!" A Storm Cobron waves you down from a freshly revonated building in the Snowslide Mountains. "Hi! I'm Theorine."

Theorine dusts Theorine down before saying, "Hi! As you can see, I've opened -- well, in a way reopened -- shop! I've been running the I.C.E Shop for a long while now, but I'm always so busy finding new things to stock that I never get to greet any of my customers. I figured this would be a great way to both say hi and offload some extra Items."

"Oh! I'm getting ahead of myself. Introducing: I.C.E Antiques! This is a companion to the I.C.E Shop that I will periodically stock with previous monthly I.C.E Items. They will cost a bit more, but I have a lot of boxes to go through and organize, you know?"


I.C.E Antiques is a shop that only accepts IceCash, but functions like an NPC Shop. This means it restocks on a countdown, and what it does restock -- both how much and what -- is random. You can only find these IceCash exclusive shops at their new locations in Snowslide Mountains. It can be quite chilly so you may want to bundle up before venturing out.

Its stock is quite exciting, though: Previous monthly I.C.E Items! Instead of waiting to see if an old I.C.E Item will be brought back every month, you can see if Theorine has any extras. Items for this shop cost 750 IceCash (instead of 500 IceCash), and this price is not affected by the Gold Account discount.

Bedazzled Traptur Plushie

With the introduction of I.C.E Antiques, we'd like to share our plans for monthly Items in 2024:

- There will be no new I.C.E Items. Instead, three previous I.C.E Items will be returning each month.

- These Items will cost the same as they do now (500 IceCash, 450 for Gold Accounts).

- Returning Items will overlap with I.C.E Antique stock, as the new Shop pulls from all previous I.C.E Items.

- There will still be two new NPC (IcePoint) Items every month!

- Our plans for I.C.E monthly items may change in 2025. We will see how 2024 goes!

As always, thank you for supporting IcePets!

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