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» A Time of Great Deals!
Posted by IcePets Day 36, Year 14 (24th Nov 23)
@ 14:08:45 IST


"Friends. Enemies. Frenemies."

Dyr is there -- and over there -- stand and baubles and all. He does not explain, instead saying, "It is time for the most stupendous of times. It is time for some Black Friday Sales. Yes, it's true! From now until December 1st, 23:59:59 IST, I have deals aplenty."

Black Friday Port Rakor Banner

Get 25% off the many luxuries offered by Port Rakor! Want to transform your Pet into a clever Xephyr? Dine on the finest Royal Cuisine? Just remembered Aurestal is around the corner? There's no better time to stop by than now!

Black Friday IC Banner

Need some funds this Black Friday, or for the upcoming holidays? Every IceCash purchase comes with a 50% IceCash Bonus and double the Treasure Chests (where applicable). Head on over to the I.C.E Shop for more details, and to take advantage of this delightful deal.

Black Friday GA Banner

What's better than having a Gold Account? More time having a Gold Account! Every purchase of a 6 Month Upgrade will net you 1 additional month, and every purchase of a 12 Month Upgrade will net you 2 additional months!

Black Friday Avatar

For complete information about our Black Friday Sales, please visit the Black Friday page. It will always be up-to-date with all relevant sales information, as well as a reminder of when the sale ends.

But wait! There's more!

Space Cat Plush

All Staff of the Month Items are now available in the I.C.E Shop for 100 IceCash (90 for Gold Accounts) -- but only for Black Friday! Do you want ten copies of the Space Cat Plush? Were you busy saving the multiverse during the month your favourite Item was released? Now is your chance to grab all the goodies you missed!

Sally Searcher Figurine

Before you purchase any Staff Items, though, we suggest you double check their prices via Shop Search. This is because some Items, especially newer ones, may be much cheaper if purchased from another Terrafrostian.

Thank you for supporting IcePets!


Looks like Samuel needs a hand building up his Plushie collection! From today until Sunday, the 26th at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the Plushie Quest will be doubled! That means you'll get twice as many questing opportunities and twice as many prizes. If you're not familiar with this Quest or just need some help preparing, we recommend picking up a Plushie Quest Request List before you start.

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