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    » News for 22nd November 2023

» Whooo's There?
Posted by IcePets Day 34, Year 14 (22nd Nov 23)
@ 14:10:55 IST

New Woodland Ori

Whooo is that we hear calling from the forest? Why, it's the freshly preened Woodland Ori! With its stunning new feathers, this little guy is ready to keep an out for danger... and snacks... and the shadows moving through the trees...

New Woodland Ori Morphing Potion

To celebrate, some have come together to redecorate the Woodland Ori Morphing Potion, making it just as shiny and new as they are!

Gabrielle is selling the revised Morphing Potion at the Snow Jar Igloo, and from now until the end of December, it will also be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts).

New Terrible Own Avatar

The Terrible Owner Avatar has also received a fresh coat of paint! (Maybe don't tell the Ori about this one.)

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» Smells Like Pine...?
Posted by IcePets Day 34, Year 14 (22nd Nov 23)
@ 11:39:33 IST

The Clog

Esca have been spotted traveling to and from the Lakeside Cottage in large schools, and we now know why -- following them has led to the discovery of The Clog, though what it's clogging up is a mystery...

Brown Bevvle

It has also led to the discovery of some new Companions! This little guy was the only one we saw on our initial trip, but there are no doubt more. Experienced anglers can try their luck at fishing them up!

Bevvle LureEsca Lure

In preparation, Gilbert has created the brand new Bevvle Lure. Figuring out what Esca enjoy took a bit, but they are also happy to introduce the Esca Lure! Both can be found over at Gilbert's Lucky Lures.

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