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    » News for 19th September 2023

» An Aquatic Discovery!
Posted by IcePets Day 335, Year 13 (19th Sep 23)
@ 17:54:31 IST

Aquatic Zabeu

"That," Jacobi says lightly, as @Heaven and Gilbert return to the Pier, a large, finned Pet beside them. "Is not a Companion."

"Sure ain't!" Gilbert agrees. "It's a whole big critter. Pet, even. Aquatic, even. An Aquatic Zabeu, I reckon."

Gilbert gives a wistful sigh. "Makes a Pirate jealous, if I'm being honest."

"Regardless," Jacobi says, beaming. "Well done, @Heaven, on your discovery! Who would've thought there was a new Pet colour beneath the muck?"

Aquatic Snow Jar

Fished up from the ever clearing waters of Talytil Lake, the new Aquatic Snow Jar appears! Discovered by @Heaven, it seems like there is a small chance of reeling one in when fishing at certain locations.

From now until the end of October, it will also be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts).

A reminder that Zabeus do not have Morphing Potions -- your Pet must already be a Zabeu before using a Snow Jar!

Glacial Lake Bloom

"Exciting," Gilbert says, voice still a touch wistful. "Truly. I wonder if there are other Aquatic Pets to discover...?"

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