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» Issues Arising in Talytil Lakes
Posted by IcePets Day 316, Year 13 (31st Aug 23)
@ 11:29:03 IST

Shield of Talytil Lake

What started as a few concerned Pets has turned into the hottest news in the Halipar Jungles--locals of the Talytil Lakes have reported a massive spike in debris and muck in their waters, causing the usually pristine lakes to become polluted. Worse still, it is threatening to seep into the nearby forests and oceans.

FaiwiQwamogPurple Flingo

While details are still vague, a number of tourists and locals alike have reported seeing unusual Companion activity along the lakeshores, leading experts to believe the two may be linked. "Companions aren't really known for causing enviromental damage," says Jacobi, who owns and operates Terrafrost's premier Companion Reserve. "Even when they find themselves outside of their usual habitat. Which is ideal, of course, but it does make situations like this more difficult to address."

The Legend of Captain Fishbones

While investigation into the pollution continues, Terrafrostians are advised to keep their eyes peeled for any unusual activity in and around the Talytil Lakes. Lugrae should also avoid swimming in them until further notice.

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