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    » News for 21st August 2023

» Some Soup-er Fresh Items!
Posted by IcePets Day 306, Year 13 (21st Aug 23)
@ 14:14:27 IST

Glimmering Gemstones StampStorm Ori StampMisty Isles Stamp

Yogi over at the United Terrafrost Post Office has been quite busy this month, and is ready to begin printing the revamped Storm Ori Stamp, Glimmering Gemstones Stamp, and Misty Isles Stamp.

Wonton Soup Stamp

He is also delighted to introduce the brand new Wonton Soup Stamp, funded by @Cibola! It smells, but does not taste, as good as it looks. You can print a copy of your very own over at the United Terrafrost Post Office.

Cottoncandy Candy CupcakeTraptur Claw JelloChili Chocolate Cupcake

They said it couldn't be done, but Alyson over at Sugar Rush has managed to improve a few of her recipes! The revamped Cottoncandy Candy Cupcake, Traptur Claw Jello, and Chili Chocolate Cupcake are now twice as tasty, and twice as fun for your Pet to throw at their sibling! (We're not quite sure how that works, but tests into this around Alyson are not advised.)

Soup Lovers FigurinePencil

Have you ever wanted to write about how much you love soup? Yes? No? Either way, you can now write, scribble, and doodle to your heart's content with the new Pencil!

You can also admire the new Soup Lovers Figurine, funded by @Cibola, while doing so! Both are now stocking in the Toy Trunk, and in one week the Space Quest will begin requesting them.

Mosaic ScrunchieZabeu ScrunchieFun Floor Pattern Scrunchie

What's the best way to beat the heat without cutting your hair short? Scrunchies, of course! The ever fashion-forward Claire has designed the delightful Mosaic Scrunchie, Zabeu Scrunchie, and Fun Floor Pattern Scrunchie, and insists they are for everyone. Use them as a bracelet! Use them to keep your beach towel rolled up! The possibilities are endless!

You can grab a Scrunchie (or ten) at the Grooming Parlour, and they are not associated with any quests.

Wonton SoupFrozen Wonton Soup

For those of you who have been hungrily eyeing the new Soup Lovers Figurine, Hazel is here to save the day with some freshly cooked Wonton Soup! Funded by @Cibola, it is now stocking in the Affogato, and in one week the Space Quest will begin requesting it.

You can also choose to freeze your soup over at the Ice Box in order to obtain some Frozen Wonton Soup. Funded by @Cibola, it's perfect for collectors--and Pet enrichment!--and in one week the Snowman Quest will be requesting it.

Chop Sticks

Last, but certainly not least, are the brand new Chop Sticks, also funded by @Cibola (we greatly appreciate your soup-er additions)! They are now stocking in the Battle Shop, and in one week the Weapons Quest will begin requesting them.

Partially Drawn Paint Brush

Due to an increasing workload, we are temporarily closing User Requests. This is to ensure requests that are already submitted (they will still be fulfilled!) receive the attention they deserve while we work on other aspects of the site.

We love seeing your ideas come to life as much as you do, and thank you all for your patience and understanding!

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