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» Found Mythical and Fairy Friends
Posted by IcePets Day 301, Year 13 (16th Aug 23)
@ 17:53:10 IST

Mythical Sharshel

Have you ever felt like Terrafrost itself was alive? If you have, you're not wrong -- the Mythical Sharshel has just been discovered! This Pet loves the planet we call home and goes out of its way to keep things clean. Be sure to follow in its footsteps, because if you litter in front of this Sharshel, you'll get a stern talking-to! This Sharshel was funded by @bibliopossum!

Mythical Snow Jar

If you'd like to bring this legendary Sharshel home, you'll need to use a Mythical Snow Jar on an already-existing Sharshel. You can always find these Snow Jars for sale at the I.C.E Shop for just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts.)

Searcher Ducky

What's that? Your Pets plastic silo has lost all its grain? Have fun cleaning that up... I mean, ensure the mystery is solved with the help of the finest of detectives, the Searcher Ducky! Inspired by the one and only Sally Searcher, and funded by @Silvy, you can hire your very own from the Toy Trunk. It will also be rewarded by the Plushie Quest, and a week from now the Space Quest will begin requesting it.

Literature Fairy FigurineHealing Fairy FigurineMusic Fairy Figurine

Dance Fairy FigurineMindfulness Fairy Figurine

If you're searching for a muse, on the other hand, this new line of Fairy Figurines may be just what you're looking for. Consisting of the Literature Fairy Figurine, Healing Fairy Figurine, Music Fairy Figurine, Dance Fairy Figurine, and Mindfulness Fairy Figurine, Samuel is certain one will strike your fancy.

All five Figurines were funded by @Mewtwo for @Irissa, who has dedicated them to @Hope. They will also be rewarded by the Plushie Quest, and a week from now the Space Quest will begin requesting them. Thank you all for making Terrafrost even brighter!

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