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    » News for 28th July 2023

» Swimming, Gift Giving, Shopping and More!
Posted by IcePets Day 282, Year 13 (28th Jul 23)
@ 15:12:27 IST

Pool Noodle Nunchucks

The sun sure is shining on Nothern Terrafrost! If you plan to beat the heat with the nearest body of water, don't forget to grab some Pool Noodle Nunchucks, now available at the Battle Shop--the sun is sure to be at your mercy once you master the art of whapping and slapping with foam! They will also be rewarded by the Space Quest, and a week from now the Weapons Quest will begin requesting them.

First Time Swimmer Trido Plush

For those with Pets a bit more nervous around water, the floating First Time Swimmer Trido Plush, available at the Plushie Palace, is sure to help them out! It will also be rewarded by the Book Quest, and a week from now the Plushie Quest will begin requesting it.


Please welcome the newly discovered Fisheep! It's a fish, it's a sheep, it's... neither, really, but you're welcome to count them as you drift off just the same. You may bring one of your very own home for just a small adoption fee at Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

Type-Block Ice Cube Ole Flying Saucer Ice Cube Frozen Prism

Yellow Submarine Ice Cube

We have something special for all you Ice Cube collectors out there. The Type-Block Ice Cube, Ole Flying Saucer Ice Cube, Frozen Prism, and Yellow Submarine Ice Cube are all funded by @petshopgirl for @POURRITURE. They'll add a lot of character to your Ice Cube collection! Pick these collectibles up at the Frozen Collective Emporium or complete some Space Quests for a chance to get them as a reward. Next week, the Snowman Quest will start looking for them as well.

HISSYVial 4 Tank-TeeDragonolollogy

Chump Change Dunce-Farce Figure Pelmer

That's not all! @petshopgirl funded a variety of other fun items for @POURRITURE as well. The wonderful story, HISSY will be found at Ralph's Page Turners. You can stock up in advance there, or get one as a reward from Weapons Quest, but keep in mind the Book Quest will be requesting it in one week. The Vial 4 Tank-Tee can be located in the Grooming Parlour if you're lucky enough find one. If your pet's belly is rumbling for a snack then you should try the new Dragonolollogy restocking at Sugar Rush. It will put some pep in your step for a brief period of time. Snowman Quest be be handing some out as well, but the Candy Quest will be asking for their own candy snack in a week. Finally, some fun toys to play with by yourself or with friends -- Chump Change, Dunce-Farce Figure, and Pelmer can all be purchased from the Toy Trunk. If you cannot get enough of these new playthings though, be sure to try your luck at the Plushie Quest. Keep in mind that Space Quest will be wanting some as well in a week.

Throwing Cards Plasma Nunchucks Broken Sword

Put on your armour and stock up on battle items, because you're gonna need it this weekend! From today until July 30th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the opportunities and rewards for the Weapons Quest will be doubled! This is a great time to pad your bank account.

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