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» A Prosperous Garden
Posted by IcePets Day 219, Year 13 (26th May 23)
@ 13:12:27 IST

Cloudfruit Peranta
Earthberry Poffles Moonie

Summer is making its way in, which means the orchards are blooming with plenty of seasonal produce. But this year, we've discovered some brand new fruits growing around Terrafrost! Sink your teeth into the super delicious Cloudfruit, Peranta, Earthberry, Poffles, and Moonie! You can find them all at the Glacial Grocer. They'll also be rewarded by the Candy Quest, and next week the Space Quest will also be seeking them.


You can't grow some tasty fruit without a rich, fertile garden. And the key to a fertile garden is this new companion -- the Dirtwyrm! If you'd like one of these adorable little guys to protect your crops, head on over to Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

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