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» Rocking the Globe
Posted by IcePets Day 215, Year 13 (22nd May 23)
@ 12:19:32 IST

RockrusMeteora Spa RocksGemstone Candy

What makes up some of the coal-est collections around? Rocks! Be they oddly endearing pets or part of a tub of stones for shale, let's show these compressed minerals that we don't take them for granite.

In other words, it's time for a showcase! Be it a crystal you've had for years or a neat piece of gravel you find outside ten minutes from now, show us your favourite rock so that we may all marble at its glory.

This is not a competition (all rocks are augite to us)! Everyone who participates will receive the following prizes:

Snow Contestant TrophyToken Bag

- A Snow Contestant Trophy
- One Token Bag

Crystal Cobron Pinata 2022

There are just a few rules to keep in mind:

Rule 1 - Your submission must be a photograph.
Rule 2 - Your photograph must be of a rock (or crystal, mineral, etc--basically, a feather isn't a rock*).
Rule 3 - Your username must be in the photograph (ex. writing it down on a piece of paper that is also in frame).
Rule 4 - All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.

Please be sure to post your photograph in this news post by May 29th, 23:59:59 IST.

As long as your submission follows these rules, you're guaranteed to receive the participation prizes!

* Unless its imprint is fossilized in one. Then it's very sedimental.

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