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» A Grab Bag of Funded Delights
Posted by IcePets Day 210, Year 13 (17th May 23)
@ 14:17:42 IST

Keri Eurodine Plush

Do you have a Pet that adores music, but you're not quite ready to arm them with another instrument? Protect your ears while still encouraging them with the new Keri Eurodine Plush, funded by @mochihugs!

This rock star of a Plushie can be found in the Plushie Palace, or received as a reward from the Book Quest. A week from now, the Plushie Quest will begin asking for it as well.

Royal Portable PaliCowboy Orbie

Samuel is proud to present Cowboys on Ice! Okay... maybe not, but he's been hard at work creating new Toys that could make this frozen rodeo a reality: the Royal Portable Pali, funded by @IcePrincess, and the Cowboy Orbie, funded by @jolly!

These delightful Toys can be found in the Toy Trunk, or received as a reward from the Plushie Quest. A week from now, the Space Quest will begin asking for them as well.

Storm HerjiCosy Kiwi

It looks like not even the sky is the limit to these two new Companions! The Storm Herji, funded by @Ines, can keep up with even the most energetic of Pets. Meanwhile, the Cosy Kiwi, funded by @tae for @tarshaan, seems to have some clouds of its very own.

These new friends can be adopted from Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

Pink Snow Jat StampDreamworld Ducky Ice Cube

After discussions with several members from the IcePets community on the forums, we have decided to put the freezable version of restockable duckies back into the Snowman Quest request pool. Along with this we have removed the Ice Cube versions of Snow Jars and replaced them with the snow jar stamps from the United Terrafrost Post Office. Thank you to the community for continuing to help make Icepets a fantastic place!

Restocking Shopping Plush

While restocking for these new items, or perhaps stocking up on quest items you may notice we have a new captcha system in place. You no longer have to fill out a box with text -- we have a new system which will work behind the scenes. Every now and then you may have to solve a puzzle, but overall as long as you are not doing anything abnormal, you should have a much better shopping experience!

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