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» A New Partner in Crime
Posted by IcePets Day 176, Year 13 (13th Apr 23)
@ 11:41:13 IST

Evil Lugra

Evil laughter echoes throughout the night, and you feel a chill run down your spine. Something ominous is lurking about... Could it be the Evil Lugra? This new Pet, funded by @Crankydragon, has left its evil lair and decided to join Terrafrost. But despite their tough exteriors, Evil Lugrae can make wonderful friends. They're incredibly quick-witted and have a good sense of humor!

Evil Lugra Morphing Potion

Do you want your very own Evil Lugra? Luckily for you, the Evil Lugra Morphing Potion, also funded by @Crankydragon, is now available at the Snow Jar Igloo. You can also find it at the I.C.E Shop until the end of April; it'll cost you 500 IceCash (or 450 for Gold Accounts.)

Pinnie Steamboat SnuffyElysia

Scubea Chimero-Matic

Remember the Companion Contest from back in March? We haven't forgotten about our winners! We'd like to introduce the Pinnie, designed by @bibliopossum, the Steamboat Snuffy, designed by @petshopgirl, the Elysia, designed by @Nati, the Scubea, designed by @corndog, and the Chimero-Matic, designed by AceRabbit! Head on over to Jacobi's Companion Reserve if you'd like to take one of these lovable Companions home.

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