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» Sparking Technology and Squishy Microbes
Posted by IcePets Day 160, Year 13 (28th Mar 23)
@ 11:41:48 IST

Tech Xephyr

Making a grand entrance, the Tech Xephyr, funded by @Mewtwo, distorts the lingering clouds to appear in a blur of circuits and static! Make sure to keep it entertained, or your appliances may suddenly stop working...

Tech Xephyr Morphing Potion

The Tech Xephyr Morphing Potion is now stocking in Port Rakor, along with the other Xephyr colours. It will also be available in the I.C.E Shop until the end of April for 500 IC (or 450 IC if you have a Gold Account).

Toon Microbe PlushRave Microbe PlushPhantasmoire Microbe Plush

Dreamworld Microbe PlushBlack Microbe PlushWhite Microbe Plush

Who knew germs could be so colourful and cute? The Toon Microbe Plush, Rave Microbe Plush, Phantasmoire Microbe Plush, Dreamworld Microbe Plush, Black Microbe Plush, and White Microbe Plush all funded by @Mongolou, sure are adorable!

These cheerful Plushies can be found in the Plushie Palace, or received as a reward from the Book Quest. A week from now, the Plushie Quest will begin asking for them as well.

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