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    » News for 25th February 2023

» Farewell, Amourok!
Posted by IcePets Day 129, Year 13 (25th Feb 23)
@ 16:01:37 IST


Heart Breaker's Fragments and Plushies have been packed away, and shopkeepers throughout Terrafrost are brushing glitter and sand off of their wares. After weeks of wholehearted competition, Amourok has come to an end! After much tallying, grumbling, and cheering, Halwn and Amaryllis are ready to announce the winning team in the event room.

Pirate 2023 Bronze Amourok TrophyAmourok 2023 Winner TrophyFairy 2023 Silver  Amourok Trophy

It looks like crafty Pets on both teams were hard at work, because every Terrafrostian who participated will receive a trophy! Which one (and how many) depends on your level of participation and whether your team won or not. Your respective team lead is handing them out, so make sure to go pick up your trophy!

CrutrikGolden Competitor StampSplit Lipstick

Halwn and Amaryllis would also like to reward the five Terrafrostians who earned the most points with a Golden Competitor Stamp! Congratulations to:

1. @Viky
2. @SaraDelaney
3. @Thor
4. @whereisthend
5. @Kamisheru14

NautigulSparkling Treasure ChestRibell

The Amourok Store has been helping clean up after all the festive chaos, and in doing so has expanded its inventory with a variety of Pirate and Fairy themed goodies. The amount of points you've earned are displayed at the top of the page -- both team leads hope something catches your fancy, and thank you for taking part in this year's Clash of Colours!

Full Legendary Heart Ice CubeFull Blazing HeartFull Corrupted Heart Ice Cube

If Full Hearts have been collecting dust in your storage bin, or overflowing your gallery then you are in luck because you can now freeze all Full Hearts in the Ice Box to receive their frozen counterparts! Of course, some of you may have used up all your hearts in a heated competition, but do not panic -- we've got you covered! The Amourok Store is now selling all Full Hearts. You can find each heart under the year their team competed! In the case of the Pure and Corrupted hearts, these can be found in the 2018 category, the last year they competed.


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