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    » News for 4th Jan 2023

» New Pinatas & Old Returning Items
Posted by IcePets Day 77, Year 13 (4th Jan 23)
@ 09:49:18 IST

Dreamworld Lugra Pinata Glacial Novyn Pinata
Grey Zabeu Pinata Purple Sharshel Pinata Skeletal Krittle Pinata

When you're celebrating Ansvin, you can never have too many pinatas. This year's collection includes the Dreamworld Lugra Pinata, Glacial Novyn Pinata, Grey Zabeu Pinata, Purple Sharshel Pinata, and the Skeletal Krittle Pinata. All five of them will be restocking at all NPC Shops (except for the Snow Jar Igloo and Port Rakor). They'll also be rewarded by all quests! Whether you bash them open or keep them as cool collectibles, these new pinatas are a must-have.

Firework Ducky New Years Hat
New Years Eve Rocket Stamp Fireworks Earrings New Years Necklace

Some old Ansvin Items have returned from hibernation as well! Keep an eye out for the Firework Ducky, New Years Hat, New Years Eve Rocket Stamp, Fireworks Earrings, and the New Years Necklace. They'll all be restocking at their usual respective stores. All of these Items will be going back into storage on January 24th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so don't miss out!

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