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    » News for 22nd December 2022

» A Jakrit Hops In With a Festive New Look!
Posted by IcePets Day 64, Year 13 (22nd Dec 22)
@ 09:53:10 IST

Aurestal 1

Aurestal Jakrit

The beloved Aurestal Jakrit is now more holiday-ready than ever! We've given this adorable Pet a spiffy new makeover just in time for Aurestal. Its new design is as crisp and fresh as the snow on Glacia's rooftops!

Aurestal Snow Jar

If you own a Jakrit, you're already halfway to getting this adorable Pet on your hands. But there's no Morphing Potion for this Jakrit -- instead, you'll need to use a Aurestal Snow Jar to see this new look in person. You can find it at the Snow Jar Igloo for the month of December! Additionally, it'll be in the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month.

Aurestal 2

Trivia StampTrivvy FigurineUseless Trivia

Have you discovered the secret giveaway code hidden on the site?

Popcorn String

Some users were affected by an issue with the advent calendar on Day 20. This caused those who opened the calendar to not receive their item. This just won't do! We've sent out the item to all users affected by this issue, who were unable to reopen the door again later in the day once it was fixed. If you have not been sent this item, but feel you should have been please create a support ticket so the Icepets Team can help.

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