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» The Crystal Jakrit's Sparkling New Look
Posted by IcePets Day 364, Year 12 (18th Oct 22)
@ 15:41:18 IST

Crystal Jakrit

If you're a fan of Crystal Pets, Jakrits, or both, good news -- the Crystal Jakrit has gotten a revamped look! So next time you encounter one of these adorable Pets, be sure to compliment their new style.

Crystal Jakrit Morphing Potion Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion

Do you like what you see? There are two ways you can get a Crystal Jakrit for yourself. First, you can get a Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion from the Novitaria Store -- it's only 300 Novitaria Credits. Additionally, we'll be selling the Crystal Jakrit Morphing Potion at the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month, where it'll be 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts.)

If the you do not see the updated artwork, you may have to do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5 on Windows computers, Command + Shift + R on Macs).

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