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    » News for 3rd Sep 2022

» The Misty Isles Evacuation Has Concluded!
Posted by IcePets Day 319, Year 12 (3rd Sep 22)
@ 13:57:10 IST

After weeks of eruptions, evacuations, and lots of cleanup, the chaos in Misty Isles has finally settled down. And now that the lava has cooled, something truly remarkable has happened...

Misty Isles

Misty Isles is more vibrant and lush than ever. The lava that erupted from the volcano has transformed to soft soil and green grass, which the Fairy Pets have become quite fond of. On the other hand, many Pirate Pets have taken a liking to the rocky cliffs on the edge of the coast. Despite their differences, these two groups of Pets just might settle down on this newly-restored island.



As the Misty Isles shopkeepers begin to set things back up, some of them have decided to rebrand. Claire of the Grooming Parlour and Cadel of the Weapon Quest have both returned with a brand new look! The Golden Touch shopkeeper, Baby Traptur, has also been chatting with a mysterious visitor recently. I wonder what that could mean for the future?


In addition, a new friend named Kaylus has decided to take over the Token Booth. So next time you head over to spend some Tokens, make sure to give them a warm welcome!


Thank you to everyone who participated in helping restore Misty Isles! As a token of her gratitude, Aila has forged a trophy for all Users who took part in the evacuation. The trophies will be rewarded within the next few days.

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