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» Something's Brewing in the Misty Isles...
Posted by IcePets Day 290, Year 12 (5th Aug 22)
@ 10:13:57 IST

Misty Isles
Something strange has been going on in the Misty Isles. Over the past week or so, residents have reported several earthquakes every day. Fortunately, they've all been very mild and have caused little to no damage. We're not quite sure what's causing these earthquakes, but the local seismologists are pretty sure it'll pass. After all, it's not the first time this region has experienced some activity in their tectonic plates.


But Aila, owner of the Battle Shop, feels differently.

"Call me superstitious, but I have a strong feeling that something very big is about to happen," Aila says. "As of late, the atmosphere feels dryer; and every so often, you can notice the faint smell of smoke, yet nobody can seem to locate the source. Not to mention the earthquakes -- it seems we're getting at least five of them every day, now. I can't tell you for certain what's going to happen, but whatever it is, it'll bring some big changes to the isles we call home."

So, what do you think? Do you believe that these happenings are nothing to dwell on, or do you believe that Aila's intuition may be correct? Only time will tell...

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