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» Some High-Tech Releases
Posted by IcePets Day 244, Year 12 (20th Jun 22)
@ 15:20:01 IST

Tech Trido

While tweaking the coding of the site, our programmers unintentionally stumbled across a whole new Pet! The Tech Trido has become a permanent resident of Terrafrost. It's a super-intelligent Pet that will keep you on your toes!

Tech Trido Morphing Potion

Want to get your hands on your very own Tech Trido? You'll need to get a Tech Trido Morphing Potion from the Snow Jar Igloo. We'll also be offering it at the I.C.E Shop for just 500 IC (450 for Gold Accounts.)

Abstract Ducky Stamp

The Abstract Ducky Stamp, which was funded by @Silvy, is one Stamp you won't want missing from your Stamp (or Ducky) collection! Starting today, you can find this adorable new Item at the United Terrafrost Post Office. You can also receive it as a reward for the Plushie Quest, and in about a week, the Space Quest will begin asking for it.

Micro Bytes Macro Bytes Mixed Bites

Are you a bit of a tech nerd? Alternatively, are you simply looking for some unique new Items to add to your collections? Either way, you're in for a treat! We're releasing 24 new Items all falling under a fun high tech theme.

Next time your Pets have a rumbling tummy, consider picking up one of these cool treats for them. Micro Bytes, Macro Bytes, and Mixed Bytes can all be found at Affogato. The Snowman Quest will also be rewarding them, and the Candy Quest will be looking for them starting next week.

Tech Trido Plushie

If you're a fan of the brand new Tech Trido, you're in luck -- its respective Plushie is now available at the Plushie Palace. You can also get it as a reward from the Book Quest. Stock up on extras, because in a week you might need it for the Plushie Quest as well.

Turquoise Tech SunglassesPurple Tech SunglassesBlue Tech SunglassesYellow Tech Sunglasses
Green Tech Sunglasses Pear Green Tech Sunglasses Pink Tech Sunglasses Red Tech Sunglasses
Orange Tech Sunglasses Blurple Tech Sunglasses

When you're enjoying a day at the beach, the last thing you want is the sun in your eyes. So why not treat yourself to these fun Tech Sunglasses? They come in ten different colours, including Turquoise Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pear Green, Pink, Red, Orange, and Blurple, so make sure you have plenty of room in your wardrobe! All of these can be purchased at the Grooming Parlour.

Turquoise Techie Purple Techie Blue Techie Yellow Techie
Green Techie Pear Green Techie Pink Techie Red Techie
Orange Techie Blurple Techie

If your Pets have been aching for a new friend, the Techie is the way to go! This highly intelligent Companion will keep your Pets amused for hours. You can find these little guys at Jacobi's Companion Reserve. They come in ten different colours, including Turquoise, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pear Green, Pink, Red, Orange, and Blurple.

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