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» May Flowers
Posted by IcePets Day 211, Year 12 (18th May 22)
@ 15:22:22 IST

Snow Flower Daisy Chain Necklace Cherry Blossom Petal Stamp

As a warm breeze rustles the trees, you find yourself engulfed in the smell of spring flowers. To celebrate this beautiful time of year, we'd like the Users of IcePets to show off the flora surrounding their homes!

To participate in this little event, take a picture of a flower or any other plant around you, along with a sign reading "IcePets Garden." You should also include your username somewhere in the image. Don't be afraid to get creative with these photos! You can include a stuffed animal, your pet, or even yourself in the image. And if you don't have a camera or any plants nearby, don't fret -- you can create a digital image as well. Just remember: do not use images that aren't your own, and don't trace another person's artwork.

Snow Contestant Trophy Woodland Snow Jar

Those participating should post their photos in this thread before May 25th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. Everyone who shares an image fitting the requirements will receive a Snow Contestant Trophy and a Woodland Snow Jar after the contest has ended!

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