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    » News for 8th April 2022

» Novitaria Begins!
Posted by IcePets Day 171, Year 12 (8th Apr 22)
@ 09:24:10 IST

Novitaria Krittle Plush Novitaria Trido Plush Novitaria Ori Plush

Flowers have begun to bloom, the laughter of Baby Pets fills the air, and Makoats and Jakrits have begun collaborating. That can only mean one thing -- Novitaria has begun!

Novitaria is a holiday celebrating birth, joy, and positivity in Terrafrost. It's also a time when the yearly Jakrit Egg Hunt is held! So as you make your way through Terrafrost this morning, be sure to keep an eye out for any colourful eggs.

Black Trido Novitegg Orange Krittle Novitegg 6056.png

Like every year, the Jakrits and Makoats have introduced three brand new Noviteggs. The Black Trido Novitegg, Orange Krittle Novitegg, and Turquoise Ori Novitegg are all possible Noviteggs you can stash away this year. They'll also be freezable, if you're looking to expand your Ice Cube Collection.

Ninja Novitegg Fairy Novitegg Glacial Novitegg

New to Novitaria? There are two different ways you can find eggs during this event.

First, you can find the Jakrit eggs, which are hidden on various parts of the side. Simply click on them to add them to your inventory. The Jakrit eggs are random and unique to every user, so once you click them, nobody else will be able to snatch them up.

There are also the Makoat eggs, which are hidden in Novitegg Stockpiles. When you click on them you'll be gifted with a random Novitegg. Unlike the Jakrit eggs, these are in the same spot for every User on the site. The stockpiles get moved every ten minutes, so once you spot one, be sure to tell your friends right away!

At the end of Novitaria, rewards will be given to Users who collected an impressive number of eggs from the Jakrits and Makoats. The event ends on April 21st, 23:59:59 IST so get hunting while you still can!

Book Quest Prize ListSnowman Quest Prize ListSpace Quest Prize List

As more compensation for recent down time, instead of having only one quest buffed this weekend all quests and their prizes have been doubled. The quests will reverse back to normal on April 10th 23:59:59 IST. Enjoy the extra prizes this weekend!

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