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» Revamped Aurestal Pets!
Posted by IcePets Day 62, Year 12 (20th Dec 21)
@ 11:28:36 IST

Aurestal Dabu Aurestal Wulfer
Aurestal Ridix Aurestal Ori
Aurestal Traptur Aurestal Zabeu

Snowflakes drift through the skies, the smell of baked goods fill the air, and the spirit of joy and friendship spreads throughout Terrafrost as Aurestal inches closer. To help prepare for the upcoming festivities, we've decided to kick off the season with some new-and-improved Aurestal Pet artwork!

Aurestal Snow Jar

The Aurestal Dabu, Aurestal Wulfer, Aurestal Ridix, Aurestal Ori, Aurestal Traptur and Aurestal Zabeu all have a brand new look this holiday season. If their new designs appeal to you, you'll want to get your hands on an Aurestal Snow Jar! Just like every year, you can purchase one at the Snow Jar Igloo. Or if you're not in the mood to wait, you can also pick one up at the I.C.E Shop for just 1,000 IC (900 for Gold Users). Aurestal Snow Jars are only available in these locations until the end of the month -- go on, why are you still here?

If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac..

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