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» Let the Festivities Begin!
Posted by IcePets Day 44, Year 12 (2nd Dec 21)
@ 09:17:14 IST

As hosts of the Aurestal Shop, the Auroras were delighted with the frequent visits from excited Terrafrostrians. They decided that the shop was not enough to spread cheer -- they had to further engage the community in the season. They are the spirit of Aurestal after all.


Although Generosity was keen on offering free Aurestal Points to everyone, the three partners came together and decided to assign tasks in exchange for Aurestal Points, which can then be spent on the Aurestal Shop. Prosperity and Peace have been heard commenting on future plans for the event. "We must hold this event every year if we want a stable economy around Aurestal Points," Prosperity has said, to which Peace replied "We can't risk having conflict. Ever -- but especially at this time of year. It is only sensible."

Generosity Plush

While the tasks will be available throughout the whole month of December, until December 24th each week will be dedicated to one of the three Auroras. This means that their tasks are worth double points! The first is Generosity, starting today and ending on December 9th, at 23:59:59. You can see all information on the event page.

Holiday Tree

The Holiday Tree is now available in all its glory to aid your gifting efforts! You can use it to place gifts on other Users' trees, and they will be able to open them on Aurestal Day.

Aurestal Snow Jar

Gabrielle is not indifferent to this season -- she is now stocking Aurestal Snow Jars! Those who are less patient may also find it at the I.C.E Shop for 1,000 IC (900 for Gold Accounts) until the end of December.

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