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    » News for 19th November 2021

» Spooky Companions & Item Request Releases!
Posted by IcePets Day 31, Year 12 (19th Nov 21)
@ 15:01:16 IST

Treatster Cerbpup

Though Phantasmoire may be over, we haven't forgotten about your spooky Companions! Today, we're releasing the new Treatster and Cerbpup -- designed by @AceRabbit and @Elliesaur respectively. Although they're bursting with Phantasmoire spirit, they're wonderful Companions for your Pets year-round. Stop by Jacobi's Companion Reserve to pick one up today!

Rainbow Building Blocks

Looking for some fun, fresh Aurestal gifts for your beloved Pets? You're in luck, because you can now purchase the Rainbow Building Blocks at the Toy Trunk! This fun and colorful toy was funded by @Elliesaur. You can also get them as a reward from the Plushie Quest, and in a week, they'll be requested by the Space Quest!

Binny Mr Moomoo
Collector's Plush The Tiger Poster Canned Coffee

Finally, we're also releasing a collection of items funded by @catboy! Companions, Toys, and even a new Food item -- what else could you ask for?

Binny and Mr Moomoo are two new lovable Companions that are sure to bring a smile to your Pets' faces. You can find both of them at Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

The Collector's Plush, as the name suggests, is a must-have for Plushie collectors all around Terrafrost. You can find it at the Plushie Palace, or receive it as a reward from the Book Quest. A week from now, Samuel may also begin asking for it in his Plushie Quest, so make sure you have an extra one on hand.

Next up, we have none other than The Tiger Poster! Be sure to pick up this fantastic addition next time you visit Samuel's Toy Trunk. The Plushie Quest will also be handing these bad boys out, while the Space Quest will be on the lookout for these in one week.

Finally, we'd like to introduce something for our caffeine-lovers out there: Canned Coffee! You can stop by Affogato on an early workday to pick up a can for yourself -- it'll wake you right up. You can also get it as a reward from the Candy Quest. And a week from now, the alien of the Space Quest may be looking for it.

Snow Participation Trophy Token Bag

Do you want to participate in the Craftshare celebration? It's not too late! Head on over to this News Post and share your passions with the world by November 25th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. If you do, you'll get a nice little reward after the event is over!

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