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    » News for 17th November 2021

» Lots of New Items!
Posted by IcePets Day 29, Year 12 (17th Nov 21)
@ 13:58:09 IST

As the season of Aurestal grows closer, some Terrafrostians may want to do some early gift shopping -- so what better time to release a huge batch of new Items? All of the new goodies we're about to feature were funded by @IcePrincess. There's a lot to reveal, so buckle up!

Woodland Krittle Woodland Krittle Morphing Potion

Though the temperature's starting to get quite chilly, that's never stopped the jubilant Woodland Krittle from tending to Terrafrost's flowers! Many are known for their green thumbs and affinity for nature -- it seems that plant life flourishes whenever a Woodland Krittle is around.

This fuzzy new friend can be obtained with the Woodland Krittle Morphing Potion, which can be found restocking at the Snow Jar Igloo. It will also be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IC (450 for Gold Account users) until the end of the month.

Autumn Cactus Winter Cactus Spring Cactus

Secondly, we have the Autumn Cactus, Winter Cactus, and Spring Cactus. These Companions may not be the best cuddlers, but they'll make excellent friends for your Pets all the same! You can get these beautiful Companions at Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

Vakayrian Action Figure Commander Helmet

We'd also like to introduce the Vakayrian Action Figure. Pets looking for an action-packed Toy will want to give this one a shot! You can purchase it at the Toy Trunk, or receive it as a reward from the Plushie Quest. A week from now, the Space Quest may be looking for this awesome toy!

Starting today, you can also find the Commander Helmet at the Grooming Parlour. This is a must-have beauty item for your Pets with an affinity for leadership!

Flower Bouquet MemorialFlower Bouquet MemorialFlower Bouquet Memorial

All of the aforementioned Items have been created in memory of @Coreander.

Apple Latte Snowflake Latte Flower Latte

Sunny Latte Makoat Latte

As the days get colder, your Pets may need a hot drink to warm up their frostbitten paws. Why not pick up one of these lattes while you're out? The Apple Latte, Snowflake Latte, Flower Latte, Sunny Latte, and Makoat Latte will keep them toasty and satisfy their sweet tooth! If you're a connoisseur -- the Makoat Latte can now be added to the Gourmet Collection. You can get them at Affogato, or alternatively, as a reward from the Snowman Quest. And in a week, the Candy Quest may start requesting them!

Cheese Pizza Pie Pepperoni Pizza Pie Ham And Pineapple Pizza Pie

Vegetable Pizza Pie Meat Pizza Pie

Pizza-lovers are in for a real treat, because you can now get these five delicious pizza pies at the Glacial Grocer! The Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham and Pineapple, Vegetable, and Meat Pizza Pies will have your Pets licking their lips. You can also get them as a reward from the Candy Quest, and in a week, the Space Quest may begin seeking them, so stock up!

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