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» Picturesque Pancakes
Posted by IcePets Day 24, Year 12 (12th Nov 21)
@ 09:12:02 IST

Audril Pancake Ori Pancake Ridix Pancake Sharshel Pancake

Everybody loves food with flair, but @Silvy is putting Guillermo's baking skills to the test with this new line of Pet-themed pancakes! Starting today, the Audril, Ori, Ridix, Sharshel, Wulfer, Traptur, Cobron, Makoat, Jakrit, Dovu, Trido, Xephyr, Novyn, Krittle, Lugra, Zabeu, and Dabu Pancakes can all be found at the one and only Affogato. Why not stop by and grab a drink while you savour these charming new eats?

Wulfer Pancake Traptur Pancake Cobron Pancake Makoat Pancake

If you can't seem to get your hands on these colourful flapjacks over at Affogato, the Snowman Quest will be passing out these perfect pancakes right away if you want to test your luck out with them. The Candy Quest will be searching for these in one week as well, so start stocking up as soon as you can!

Jakrit Pancake Dovu Pancake Trido Pancake Xephyr Pancake

With all of these new Items entering Terrafrost, it is no surprise that some of them have become fan favorites -- you may want to keep an eye out for the Zabeu and Dabu Pancakes if you consider yourself a gastronomist.

Novyn Pancake Krittle Pancake Lugra Pancake

Zabeu Pancake Dabu Pancake

If your inventory has been packed with a lot of Plushies lately, you're in luck! Time to unload them with the buffed weekend quest -- Plushie Quest. From today until November 14th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, you'll be able to do double the quests and receive twice as many prizes.

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