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» Revamped Avatars and Some Fancy Custom Ones
Posted by IcePets Day 21, Year 12 (9th Nov 21)
@ 13:35:36 IST

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If you're an Avatar collector, you may have noticed your collection looks slightly different today. No need to fret, though -- we've just done a little revamping! The Default Avatar, Different Eras Avatar, Pickle Pickle Avatar, Snowman Quests Avatar, and the Gold Lover Avatar have all received some brand new looks. There is also now a Default - Alternative avatar with no text for those who would prefer this! Bear in mind that these updates are purely cosmetic; you can still obtain these Avatars the same way you normally would!



Speaking of cosmestic changes, some Users have requested and received some lovely Custom Avatars since our last update! These beauties belong to the respective owners.

@atryeu @SlushieCat2 @melpaca @Rayquaza @Furresoto @Tune @Megrim @Read @piedragon @inami




Some of our Users like to change up their Avatars more frequently than others. The following avatars belong to @IcePrincess (Top row - last one gifted to @LollyX), @Lokki (Second row), and @whereisthend (Last row).

If you would like a Custom Avatar of your very own, they can be found on the User Requests page!

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