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» Cuddly Plushies & Buffed Quests
Posted by IcePets Day 10, Year 12 (29th Oct 21)
@ 15:06:09 IST

Phantasmoire Jakrit Plushie Ghastly Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush Wicked Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush
Ominous Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush Noxious Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush Sinister Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush

With all of the spookiness that comes with Phantasmoire, you may be looking for something soft and adorable to cuddle with when you're feeling scared. Fortunately, these adorable Phantasmoire Jakrit Plushies are as adorable as they are festive! And if one wasn't enough, don't worry--we're releasing six different versions, all funded by @Lokki! Stop by the Plushie Palace if you'd like to get your hands on a Phantasmoire Jakrit Plushie, Ghastly Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush, Wicked Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush, Ominous Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush, Noxious Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush, and the Sinister Phantasmoire Jakrit Plush. Or if you're in the mood for questing, you can also get them as a reward from the Book Quest! The Plushie Quest will be looking for them next week, so you may want to pick up some extras while you're at it.

Snowman Ice Cream Snowman Part Helper The Snowman

Brr! Are you feeling chilly? You'll want to unpack your winter coats, because the Snowman Quest will be buffed this weekend! From today until October 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, you'll be able to do double the quests and receive twice as many prizes.

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