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» A Scary and Sweet Statement
Posted by IcePets Day 361, Year 11 (15th Oct 21)
@ 09:07:03 IST


GD Item 1Sweet PresentGD Item 2

Boo! Did we scare you? Phantasmoire is in full swing, and the sweet n' spooky season is bringing tons of scary surprises for you and your Pets! Grave Digger is open once again for Phantasmoire this year, with all new prizes -- wait, is that a Sweet Present hiding down there...?

Grave Digger will refresh every 30 minutes once a present has been found! You can search once every 30 seconds (or once every 15 seconds if you have used the UHD on select features around the site, found in the I.C.E. Shop). Grave Digger will be available until October 31st at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so get digging while you can!


For the rest of this weekend, the Snowman Quest will be buffed! From the 15th until the 17th at 23:59:59 PM IST, all Snowman Quests will have double the daily limit, and double the prizes. What a chilling surprise!


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