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» Spooky Token Booth Restocks!
Posted by IcePets Day 355, Year 11 (9th Oct 21)
@ 10:50:36 IST


Have you enjoyed the leaves floating by in the autumn breeze? The scent of candy, pumpkins, and something creepy in the air? We hope this Phantasmoire season has been wonderful for you! But we wouldn't want you to celebrate without us!

Scared Black Cat PlushPhantasmoire Novyn MaskPhantasmoire Dovu WrappingsPawbert

Starting October 9th, you can stock up on classic Phantasmoire Items at the Token Booth! You can build up your collection with our spooky, special selection of Items such as the Scared Black Cat Plush, Phantasmoire Novyn Mask, Phantasmoire Dovu Wrappings, and Pawbert! These Items will stick around until October 15th at 23:59:59 IST, when they'll rotate to another creepy collection -- so clean out your candy buckets and spooky-scoot your way to the Token Booth!

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