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» Collect These Cute Companions!
Posted by IcePets Day 339, Year 11 (23rd Sep 21)
@ 09:20:03 IST


Jacobi has been hard at work, scouring the lands of Terrafrost to find the latest and greatest Companions out there! His adventures have led him to a treasure trove of legendary loot... and now, he's bringing them to you!

Needlemouse Yossi SpyreSkullder

Aren't these adorable? Travel over to Jacobi's Companion Reserve to meet these cute collectible Companions! Starting today, Jacobi will now have the Needlemouse, Yossi, Spyre, and Skullder Companions in stock! Whether you prefer your Companions to roll around at the speed of sound, make you squee every time they 'mlem', gather a beautiful hoard of glistening gems, or help you decorate your home for Phantasmoire, there's a Companion for you! So pay Jacobi a visit, and adopt your Pet a new Companion today!

We have done some updated Item categorizing and suggest keeping up with the IcePets Change Log to stay informed!

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